Winter Training Update

I’ve not had much time over the last couple of months, so the updates have diminished. What I’ve decided to do is to collect all the training data from the first 12 weeks of the training year together – and compare it with what I set out to do in my original plan! I’d wanted to do a total volume of 157.5 hours!

  • Total Hours: 149.5 h
  • Total Miles: 2566 mi
  • Average Speed: 17.2 mi/h
  • Total Climbing: 108,536 ft

The biggest problem I had to deal with over the 12 week period was…the weather. Newcastle is just north enough to experience prolonged periods of ice, snow, and cold – like it or not, training sessions have had to be reduced, and spent indoors during these episodes. I also had a bout of the winter vomiting virus at the turn of the new year, I’ll spare the details! All things considered I’ve put in a big block of training, with a number of hard rides – I feel fitter, better at training at a higher volume, recovering but I don’t have much speed or form – this will come over the next 4-8 weeks, and then I’ll hope to race well.

It's been a chilly few months!

It’s been a chilly few months!

By way of comparison, this time last year I’d done 104 hours – so I’ve increased my volume by close to 50% which is a huge leap – although the foundations of this were built throughout 2012.

All the gear needed for another sub zero ride!

All the gear needed for another sub zero ride!

Now the hours will lower – in the weeks I’ll be racing I’m tweaking it down to 11-12 hours, if I’m not racing one weekend then I’ll hope to do more. With lower hours means an increase in intensity – during January I started with some longer bouts of intensity, a couple of hill rep sessions and then a week of hard training in Gran Canaria – however, now I’m aiming to spend a lot more time trying to replicate the efforts you need to do to compete in road races – shorter intervals and tempo. I’ll get some of this by racing and going to the chaingang at Newburn but also I’m going to have to train harder either alone, or with my fast mates – the days of the easy Saturday club run are, sadly, numbered.

I should be racing on Saturday, at Croft, a year on from my first ever race where I secured a decent 10th place – fingers crossed I can compete but it’s early season, with plenty of time to tweak my fitness if things don’t go well. Once more unto the breach!


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