Week 2 – 2013 Season

Another week, another set of training hours to complete…13 hours this time:

  • Hours: 13
  • Miles: 222
  • Average Speed: 17 mi/h
  • Rides: 6

All the rides are visible on my Strava profile: http://app.strava.com/athletes/271616

Recent training time (last 28 days)

On Monday I had some rest, I’ve averaged 12 hours a week recently and this is showing a bit with some fatigue. On Tuesday I did an easy night ride, although the wind was strong enough to take me off my bicycle! Wednesday had more intensity in the shape of chain-gang training at Newburn Riverside – I wanted to keep it at tempo, and not too hard, so I swung off when my heart rate got to 175, nowhere near my maximum but it’s important to focus on your goals rather than get caught in the moment. Thursday was very wet so I changed my plan to cycle on the turbo that day (pedaling technique) and therefore did a couple of hours on the road on Friday. The ice came just in time for Saturday but I was mental enough to do 80 miles on the road, luckily without any spills; there was a couple of tempo efforts but nothing prolonged. I’ve noticed my saddle was too low so on Sunday I played around with my position on the bicycle and kept it steady.

Another week completed, on-wards to the next one!


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