Week 1 – 2013 Season

This week I aimed to complete 12 hours of training – did I actually manage that?..yes!

  • Hours: 12
  • Miles: 205
  • Average Speed: 17mph
  • Rides: 6

The week started off with some rest on Monday, then from Tuesday to Thursday I did night rides of about 2 hours each night. One of my friends, Aidan, has moved near to me and this means we can train together a bit more – and have an espresso before we hit the road! It’s easier to ride nights with company. These three rides were quite steady, although Wednesday contained a short chain-gang type effort at Newburn Riverside. Friday was yet another rest day (I enjoy these) because the weekend was pretty full up – 75 hilly miles on Saturday, and another 30 miles on Sunday. Legs felt great on Sunday, nice to see some recovery after a 4 hour day in the saddle!

All the rides are visible on my Strava profile: http://app.strava.com/athletes/271616

So the riding this week has been fairly easy but don’t tell that to my winter bicycle! It’s suffered from some issues, an over tight headset and an over tight bottom bracket. On Saturday the BB30 bottom bracket was making some pretty loud popping noises…not good. All fixed now though, basically the shims on the non-drive side must have sucked up some water/oil, placing more pressure on the bearings, causing them not to move very freely. Surprisingly the bicycle actually seemed a fair bit easier to ride once fixed, a lot smoother! Lets hope it keeps like that!

Bedroom/Mechanic Shed

Next week I’ll aim for 13 hours on the road!


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