Veloplugs Review

Veloplugs are another way to lose some weight from the bicycle – quite cheap, so I thought I’d give them a go!

I’ve had my Shimano RS80 wheelset since March (2012) and done approximately 4500 miles on them. Great wheels but I have had an issue – punctures! Regardless of tyre choice I’ve been getting lots of punctures, before I had very few, now I get them frequently. The rear wheel in particular has too much rim tape in it (so much that I have to fold it back on itself) – Veloplugs give me the option of removing the rim tape, whilst also shedding some weight. Hoorah!

Being the obsessive “weight weenie” that I am, I couldn’t help but calculate the total weight loss for both wheels. As both the pictures below show, the actual weight reduction was quite substantial – roughly 27 grams. Okay, not a huge amount, but enough to be pleased with, and at only 15 euros, a pretty cheap way to save a few grams!

Front Wheel (-13 grams)

Rear Wheel (-14 grams)

Losing weight is nice but how was the installation process? Perhaps not as easy as I first thought, it actually took a good hour to get the job done. The RS80 wheelset requires yellow veloplugs, which fit rim holes of 8.5-9.3 mm size – it’s really important to check what size your wheelset requires!


  1. First I had to remove both tyres, and the rim tape (simply cutting with some scissors).
  2. I then cleaned the rim very thoroughly (now was the time to do it).
  3. Placed the plugs into the spoke holes. The plugs don’t just simply slide into the spoke holes (a good sign) but require a decent amount of force, I used a blunt edge of a tool to push them in, being careful that they were as flat as possible. This is time consuming work!
  4. Fix tape around the inner tube valve hole – this is essential so that the inner tube doesn’t get caught on the sharp edges of this hole – Veloplugs should provide a mechanism for doing this – you need to buy your own tape if you don’t have any.
  5. Get the tyre back on!

Veloplugs Installation

Not a simple job, and without any visible signs of work done, don’t expect everyone to be cooing at the local chaingang – only you’ll know they are there!!

I’ve done two rides on the wheels since the installation, approximately 100 miles, and can report no puncture issues – although only time will tell on this front. Given it’s winter, and given it’s 27 grams, I didn’t raise hell up the hills – any more than I usually do – but it’s a marginal gain which I shall gain some ego from. Ultimately, these ‘plugs are not for most riders, they are for the obsessive bicycle carers looking for that extra gram loss – they would frustrate people who find tyre installation a challenge. Buy these then if you are a true legend of kitchen scale use and a gram to £ ratio lover – you will gain satisfaction here!

Rating: 6/10


One thought on “Veloplugs Review

  1. Also remove any foam or padding from the seat.

    Do I have the money to pay for reupholsters, and if so would if
    be cost effective over buying new. Trim off excess fabrics.

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