The Skeptics

It’s hard to write a blog about cycling at the moment without mentioning the elephant in the room – Lance Armstrong. It’s quite hard to write something neutral on the subject – he’ll forever remain a hero to some, and a cheat to others. Clearly a driven man, LA stopped at nothing to reach his goals but this doesn’t mean he won it without a fair amount of training, pain, suffering and diabolical days (those days where you can barely turn the pedals over). It’s a sad state of affairs, truly great sporting efforts have been reduced to nothing – and for any fan of the sport, that’s a bitter pill to swallow. I started out cycling watching videos of LA, rising up against cancer, taking on the world, the underdog ripping everyone to shreds – I wanted my piece of that. I’ve won a British Cycling race, and that can in part be attributed to Lance Armstrong, like it or not. Now, I won’t say anything more on the matter and instead will provide a few interesting links and a video – much more interesting than biased verbal.

The Victory:

Armstrong in Context:

Teams with Links to Doping:


Drug Test:


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