Octobers Training

This month I did quite a lot less volume than in September (-20%) – I wanted to rest in October, its the sandwich filler between the old season and the new one, November is where it starts to ramp up, albeit steadily. I was also ill for a good week which limited my time on the bicycle (serious man flu). It was still a decent month, comparable in volume to the summer when I was racing.

  • Total Hours: 41
  • Total Miles: 729
  • Average Speed: 17.8 mi/h
  • Total Climbing: 29,192 feet
  • Average HR: 142
  • Max HR : 186
  • >60 mi Rides: 2
  • 40-60 mi Rides: 6
  • <40 mi Rides: 11
  • Rest Days: 14
  • Favourite Ride: http://app.strava.com/activities/25535812

I did one race, a hill climb, that is one of the club events. I improved my time on last year and came third behind Al Young and Nick Spencer – a good effort. I had a rather naive tactic of going as hard as possible from the start, for the last 30 seconds I came to a near halt, my vision receded to a tunnel and blood was erupting from my lungs. With a decent strategy and actual training for hill climbs, I might be able to beat the best – but that can wait another year! Kudos to Nick, who is now unbeaten in the last 4 club events – we are catching you tho!

The Podium Boys – I look like a man who’s tasted lung blood!


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