Septembers Training

I’ve managed quite a high volume of training this month, despite some work commitments I’ve actually done more this month than at any other stage of my cycling career. To keep things simple I’m going to give the statistics of the last month – hopefully next month I can build on this, it’s the time of year for improving fitness with large volume, no rest for the wicked!

  • Total Hours: 51
  • Total Miles: 886
  • Average Speed: 17.6 mi/h
  • Total Climbing: 47,000 feet
  • Average HR: 142
  • Max HR : 189
  • >60 mi Rides: 5
  • 40-60 mi Rides: 7
  • <40 mi Rides: 8
  • Rest Days: 12
  • Favourite Ride:

Average speed was down this month – during the racing months it was nearer 20 mi/h – but look at all that climbing! The club hill climb is on the horizon, I’ve yet to decide if I’ll do it but here I was a year ago – it’s been a long year, full of highs and lows:

October 2011


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