Millar and Rodríguez

Here is a very watchable Spanish documentary on David Millar:

Don’t worry if you don’t understand much Spanish, most of the important parts are in English. I think the documentary stands out for two reasons, the first being Jonathan Vaughters clothing choice, the next being David Millar mentioning other riders – Tony Rominger, Miguel Indurain and Lance Armstrong – I’m usually a bit critical of David Millar because his book doesn’t expose a great deal but here he admits that it’s unlikely Indurain won all of his Tour de France titles without any performance enhancing aids.

Yesterday Joaquim “El Purito” Rodriquez won the Giro di Lombardia, the race of the falling leaves, by attacking on the final climb and holding it to the line. The riders had to race up the Muro di Sormano, a brutally steep (2 km @ 15.3%), beautiful ascent – last climbed in 1962! J Rod forced a split here (his average speed was 7.6 mi/h) but with so many miles still to race, it didn’t stick.

The Muro di Sormano

We didn’t get to see his attack on the Salite di Ello due to terrible conditions taking down the TV links…which further adds to the romance of this win, the first by a Spanish rider. Purito is pure class, and I loved the celebration (photo by Jered Gruber) because it shows the emotion of the win. I don’t like counting the wins on fingers celebration (see: Armstrong, Contador, Cavendish), or pre-thought ones – these just show the vanity of the man and disrespect the other riders. Rodriquez loved this win, and showed it simply – he won it because he loves bicycle racing, not for proving points. Chapaeu. The podium was completed by Samuel Sanchez and Rigoberto Uran.


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