Training Update

Well, unfortunately, I had a nasty illness over the weekend and missed the Ballantyne. I rocked up at the start but called it off during the warm up, I wanted desperately to ride but my head told me not to risk a number of weeks of poor training by elongating an illness. On the plus side Nick, my fellow club rider, achieved his first podium of the year with a great ride on a demanding parcours. Well done!

I slipped home alone, not going well this racing thing…

Thankfully races come up one after another now, with the TLI hosting two races a week on Tuesday and Thursday – these do not serve for points or prestige but offer the opportunity to race against quality riders on challenging routes. Tuesday offered a chance to see how my legs were after my illness, I still felt bad on Monday so went with just an intention to train hard rather than challenge.

The atmosphere at TLIs is great, non of the intimidation and lack of banter that the BC scene holds, here Elites mix it up with good amateurs, we have a laugh, we smash each other to bits; good fun. I was placed in the middle of the three groups, with the aim to catch the group in front of you and then battle for the win. Admittedly I could of been in the scratch group but was trying to hold back with the illness in mind; and bare in mind that our group was still a mix of decent riders. We charged off in pursuit of the slower group (still a good standard) – again this is different to most BC stuff as we are challenged to work together rather than sit on. The winner of the Maureen Bain 4th cat race was in our group…and was dropped almost straight away, this is tough because you have to work.

Essentially we worked together like this for the next 3 laps (it was a 3 lap race, ca. 35 miles), although people began to sit on as they got weaker. On the last lap I found myself off the front, I actually sprinted off and got a gap…good fun, it didn’t last as the scratch group came charging on. I sat in and recovered – I knew I’d get a top 10 if I just played things safe, training was over, now the charge for the line was approaching. We rocketed down to just before a little village called Ogle, then a few sharp climbs…I waited and watched as people were shelled out. There was now a group of 10 and we would battle for the win. Flying out of Ogle we hit the finishing straight, a right drag, on a bad day this hill can make you weap. Again I just waited for those who started their sprint to early to slow down…I passed a few and got 7th. Not bad in what is a good field – the confidence is coming back…

Ride stats:


3 thoughts on “Training Update

  1. Not sure if your having a bit of a dig there. But since the Maureen Bain event I have missed a lot of training due to my son being ill and I am trying to build up back up. after work and family commitments I try to get to the TLI events as they are hard and and I do work maybe if I had sat on I wouldn’t have been dropped.(I was taking it that seriously I was riding my training bike). I am not the super climber you are and at the Maureen Bain i was positioned towards the front to hold a good position for the climbs when I would be put under pressure.I think you if read your report you were taking it easy in the bunch. I also had a 3rd at hetton a couple of weeks before were I helped instigate a break and worked for it to stay away so I know how to work in a road race and do.

    • Hi Richard – actually I meant nothing bad there, more that the pace must have been hard if decent riders like yourself are getting dropped; I’m sorry if it came across otherwise – generally I’m only bothered where I finish and not others. I look forward to racing with you again when you are in better form…just hope it doesn’t came down to a sprint – you were like Chris Hoy at the Maureen Bain! Best Wishes, Rob.

  2. Thanks for the response
    I’m sorry if I took your words out of the context in which you meant
    Maybe late on Sunday night after a 7 hour ride lack of sleep and lack of form was not a good time to be trying to process things and may have responded a bit to sharp having re read.
    Im sure our paths will cross although not sure when most of the races are too hilly for guy of my size. I was shocked not to get dropped on rothley crags so won’t be attempting anything that climbs bilsmoor, gibbet or ryals until I have shed some more weight. Cheers R
    Ps very flattering comparisons to chris hoy although if happens to read this he might not be as pleased with the comparison! 🙂

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