Training Camp Diary

Myself and my friend Nick decided a few weeks ago to embark on a local training camp – a big week of cycling on the cheap. The hours we do this week (20-25 hours) should get the engines on fine form for what will be a tough month of racing in April.

Day 1 – 02/04/2012

Nick planned the first ride – we started at 9am – not too early. We weaved our way across the urban sprawl and out into the impressive Pennines – bleak, sparse and hilly. Once we’d made it home we’d turned the pedals for 6 hours and covered 100 miles. I felt great for 75 of those miles and then Nick dragged me home, I was happy to be out of the wind – I had little left. Hopefully I wake up feeling fresh tomorrow!

Nick’s Garmin Data:

Maybe next time I'll open my eyes. We'd just climbed for 5 miles (25 minutes) from Rookhope to Allenheads!

Day 2 – 03/04/2012

Woke up feeling stiff and super tired, quick look out of the window suggested the planned ride was going to be wet! I decided to sit on the turbo trainer for 2 hours, these were a couple of the easiest hours I’ve ever done. My friend Nick, who is mad, did 3 hours in the pouring rain – legend! Later in the day it started snowing, a week earlier we’d experienced a heatwave…

Day 3 – 04/04/2012

Felt better this morning and the sun was shining so I had no excuses for missing our planned ride of approximately 60 miles. When I put my leg over the bicycle I knew that Mondays ride was still in the legs…it’s a character building week! Thankfully we rode steady, due in part to a strong wind that was blowing us around. We rode a race route (I’ll post about this soon) and encountered some of the snow that I thought would of melted (city boy!). I started to feel quite tired 40 miles into the ride, not something I usually encounter but I hadn’t considered fatigue; I thought I was stronger! I’ve now done as many hours in three days (11 hours) that I’d cycle in my average week. Time to rest up!

Suffering - hours in the legs.

Day 4 – 05/04/2012


Day 5 – 06/04/2012

Back on it today – riding with the Early Morning Crew (or EMC). A relatively relaxed group ride, started with about a dozen riders. I was careful not to use up any excess energy; which is pretty tough when a hill presents itself! Another 4 hours done – hopefully gain another 5 tomorrow.

Strava iPhone data:

Day 6 – 07/04/2012

Another long day in the saddle today with the EMC. We rode 85 miles in about 5 hours, which is a decent pace considering the rough roads and cold air. Again I rode within myself and didn’t give anything more than I had to. Both myself and Nick were pretty tired and yawning the whole ride – it’s been a tough week.

Strava iPhone data:

Day 7 – 08/04/2012

Rest and prepare for tomorrows race! Completed 20 hours in total this week!


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