RSP Titanium Bottle Cage Review

A good bottle cage holds your water supply in place – it’s that simple – mile after mile. You never notice it but it’s always there, clinging onto the H2O that sustains muscle use, giving you the force to motor over all the terrain that passes before you. I have a plastic set of bottle cages on my training ride, they were also on my last bicycle, they’ll probably be here for a few more years to come. Showing signs of wear, not looking quite as handsome as when they hung on the hook in the bicycle shop but still cling on to my bottles as good as day one. The wear and tear, well, some might think they look past it…actually they show the signs of mile after mile, sweat, mud, rain, sun, good rides, those rides you cry inside on…I like my bottle cages.

Having built up my new racing bicycle I needed a new cage to adorn the carbon frame, surely I’d just get a carbon model, wrong, I opted for some metal…titanium is light as well you know! I think the cage itself looks great, a slight retro appeal, it only has metal where it needs to be, it doesn’t look like a cheese grater as some of the carbon models do. Furthermore, titanium has a long shelf life, I’d reckon it’ll out live any carbon models. It’s endorsed by Team Raleigh too, if the pro’s can live with it, I’m sure it will take my rough riding. If you like the look of the cage then hop over to Ebay, you’ll be looking at £20 for 25 grams of titanium goodness. Pictures follow:

Rating: 8/10


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