Pedalforce QS3 Bicycle Build

Over the past few months I’ve been searching for parts for my next bicycle, built with one purpose – riding hard. I don’t have a huge budget so I went on Ebay and bought in sales. The part list is below:

So this is essentially a carbon frame, with a mix of SRAM Force and Red with durable wheels – it ticks the right boxes for lightweight, cheap and hard wearing.

The frame came all the way from the USA, as I mentioned before – I gradually built it up.

Didn't look much at the start!

I have zero bicycle know-how so I opted for countless YouTube videos, Google searches and help from friends. Cutting the seatpost and steerer was really traumatic but actually easy – 32tpi hacksaw, masking tape round the tube, wear a mask, have a guide for the cut…job done, cuts alarmingly easy! Adding the cables was also stressful.

Bit by bit the bicycle came together, many hours spent with cables.

I had the help of a friend to put the chainset on and align the drivetrain – this took a few hours…later that night I put the bar tape on and there she is – beautiful!

I think it looks great!

Total weight: 6463 grams – this has been confirmed with fish scales. This is lighter than the UCI weight limit of 6.8kg – and there is plenty room for losing weight: pedals, wheelset, tune parts, seatpost stubby, handlebars, chainset…there is no reason why it can’t go below 6kg for hill climb season. Brief first ride report – it flies, insanely quick to accelerate, soaks up road vibration, handles great…the SRAM Force drivetrain is a major upgrade from 105. I’ll do a more in-depth ride report some time soon.



2 thoughts on “Pedalforce QS3 Bicycle Build

  1. I have the exact same frame and agree with your analysis, it flies, insanely quick to accelerate, soaks up road vibration, handles great. Like you I build up my own frames,have been doing it for over 14 years.
    Only difference I went with Campagnolo Centaur and came out at 16 Lbs (2757 grams).

    • Thanks for the comment – I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets to enjoy it! I’m making some updates to it, so hopefully I’ll have some pictures and new weights up soon. Thanks!

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