Recent Training

My next race will be on the 18th of March, so really I’ll have a month of training between my first race and this one, over in Cumbria. Training has been going relatively well recently, I’ve been sticking to my hours, not getting ill and ultimately seeing gains – my form has been great.

This season I don’t expect to compete in road races but I’ve got 4 coming up over the next two months – two in Cumbria, one local, and another that is held by Bridlington CC, my hometown club. I’d like to peak for the Bridlington CC road race at the start of May, firstly because I can’t be humiliated in front of family but secondly because May also has 3 criteriums in it, at Hetton. These will be three races I’ll be keen to get enough points in to move to third category.

I’ve mentioned Newburn before – where we go for some really intense winter training. I’ve not been dropped here for well over a month, and have actually been the aggressor recently – last week I attacked, confident I could recover – here is the session:

25.2mph before the cool down. Fast for this time of year but I felt comfortable. The next day I was dead to the world, this is a common theme and has to be down to my lack of cycling years, I recover poorly, and struggle to relax after high intensity sessions.

Another good training day was a couple of Saturdays ago with my club, Gosforth RC. We usually split off half way into the ride, so the fast men can have some fun. I felt excellent, riding very hard, for many miles, I blew everyone off me and solo’d to the cafe. A year ago I’d have to struggle to hang on to the fast men, and was usually dropped before the cafe. My ability to hold a high pace for a long time has greatly improved, my confidence has improved as well. I’ve started to realise that if I work hard, my body improves – not everyone is that lucky.


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