Pedalforce QS3 Frameset

I’m building a new bicycle that will be used only on dry days or at the races – I love my current bicycle, a Cannondale CAAD9 but it is a tad heavy with average wheels etc.

It has taken me months to source the right parts at the right prices. To start with I’ll show my brand new, from USA (originally Taiwan), frameset – sold to me by Ming at Pedalforce. I can’t recommend the service highly enough, although DHL did hold up the delivery for a time. All together it cost me £700; there was an additional £84 on top of that because of VAT and customs duty.

I have to be honest, my main ideal for a frameset was weight, and it was this that caught my eye about Pedalforce frames. Usually low weight carbon costs £2000+ but Pedalforce frames are much cheaper than that – expensive frames are a luxury I can’t afford to break. Weights are superb (as shown in the pictures). The quality of the frame finish is also superb, although you would get better with a well known brand. Geometry is aggressive and the frame appears to have extra carbon in all the right places for increased stiffness. We’ll see how it rides, hopefully within a few weeks but for now please enjoy the pictures.


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