The Scales Never Lie…

It’s a common occurence for the “weight weenie” – the cyclist who values weight saved from the bicycle above everything else. That part you just bought weighs more than you thought. It’s the stuff of nightmares; thankfully balanced by the occasional item that actually weighs less than you thought.

Italian manufacturers tend to be the worst for under-estimating weight. I recently got a Selle Italia SLR saddle – printed in bold, white letters…135g. You beauty, what a light perch. However, as they say, the scales never lie…the real weight is 149g – 14 grams might not sound like much to most but to a weight weenie it is the difference between a light bicycle and a…erm…light bicycle that weighs 14 grams more when it wasn’t supposed to. Truly shocking.

Weight weenie's lie awake at night over this...

On the bright side, wiping the dust that has gathered on one side might trim that 14 grams down a bit.

A great resource for the cyclist  that worries about this sort of thing is the weight weenie website:


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